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Conference room

Soon the description.


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Panorama 360


We are pleased to invite you to the brand new city dock Ekomarina in Giżycko, located on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes at the Niegocin Lake – just a few minutes from the railway and bus station, nearly in the city centre and at the same time in a quiet and safe place.

Out invitation is meant for guests arriving in Giżycko on water as well as by land. You will find here everything you need – comfortable quayside, campsite, a restaurant, a slip, a view terrace, a small playfield for children, a grilling area, a spacious parking lot, access to water and electricity, showers, a kitchen, a washing machine, a dryer.. even an ironing board and an iron. Obviously, there also is a watercraft sewage and wastewater collection system. The dock is monitored. Free internet access has been installed. Furthermore, we provide amenities for the disabled.


The dock is still hot off the press and even though not everything has been done yet, we will do our best to meet your expectations.


See you!


on behalf of the port service team

Dariusz Klimaszewski

Manager of the port EKOMARINA GIŻYCKO


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Działania w zakresie żeglarstwa dofinansowano w 2023 roku ze środków Powiatu Giżyckiego w łącznej kwocie 200 000 zł.

znak jakości

znak jakosci

za rok 2015/2016

The geographical coordinates

Ekomarina port Giżycko


N 54°01'53"


E 21°46'17"

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